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Why should you purchase Valorant Accounts even if the game is free for everyone to download? There are a lot of reasons when it comes to purchasing a Valorant Account. For Beginners you can directly access the Competitive Matchmaking without playing the first 20 Unrated games and save some time and effort. These Valorant Accounts can also be used as Smurf Accounts for High Ranked Players to play with friends having a low rank without affecting their main accounts Rank.

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Valorant is a free to play First Person Shooter Developed and published by Riot Games. Valorant also has a team of developers that are very active and they actually listen to what the community wants being CSGO Players themselves.

Valorant is a FPS Game that relies on teamwork and your awareness. It can be compared to Counter-Strike & Overwatch as these games share many similarities, like Gun Recoil, abilities and maps.

Valorant Gameplay

There are Two teams Attackers and Defenders consisting of 5 Agents (Players) Each, so a total of 10 players is Required for a match to begin. Main Job of attackers is to kill all the defenders or Plant the Spike in any of the planting sites and let it explode just like Terrorists in CS. Similarly Defenders need to eliminate all the terrorists, Defend the planting sites from the attackers or defuse the Spike if it’s already planted same as Counter Terrorist in CS.

All the Similarities just end there as all the Agents have different abilities. 

There are Four Types of Agents

  • Duelists

are the ones who push forward into conflicts with the enemy team. Think of them as attackers.

  • Initiators 

focus on gathering intel and help the team push.

  • Sentinels 

are defenders, usually playing the back line of a team.

  • Controllers

are good at blocking off sight lines and generally offer support to the team.

All of them have a different job to perform with proper team coordination. Each of these Characters have four abilities: One comes with the agent selected, an  ultimate which is charged up overtime and two more abilities that can be purchased.

There are 24 rounds in a game: the one who wins 13 wins the game, if the scores are 12-12 there is an overtime where 4 extra rounds are added the one who wins 3 of 4 wins the game.

Valorant Accounts & Regions

As of now there are three Regions NA (North America), EU ( European Union), SEA (South East Asia).

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